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Asda Slashes Kobo E-reader Price To £49

If you were thinking of joining the legions of folks who now prefer to read their books in electronic rather than print form, the latest offer from Asda might just tempt you to finally make the leap.

Previously, the supermarket has sold the Kobo cheaper than its already thrifty list price of £67, for example back in February when it was knocked down to £59 for the basic Wi-Fi model. Now you can get your standard wireless Kobo e-reader for just £49 (well, plus £3 delivery from Asda Direct if you want the convenience of ordering online).

That's an e-reading bargain if ever we've seen one. However, at this price stock may be an issue, particularly in stores, so you might have to prepare yourself for a potential disappointment.

The under £50 price tag is rather making the Kindle look expensive, quite a feat considering that the Amazon e-reader is only £89, not exactly the cost of the Earth.

Like the Kindle, the Kobo boasts a 6 inch E-ink screen, with 1GB of storage capacity to hold 1,000 books. That can be expanded via an SD Memory card to 32GB, allowing users to take thousands of books on holiday with them, and not an extra suitcase in sight.

Kobo gives you access to a virtual library of 2.5 million books, and comes preloaded with 100 "timeless" classics.

Source: Register Hardware