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Google Offers Businesses Free Mobile Websites For 12 Months

Google is expanding its GoMo initiative, the scheme designed to help business owners improve their website with mobile surfers in mind.

The big G has partnered up with web optimisation startup Duda Mobile to offer a free mobile business website creation and tweaking service, with free hosting.

Apparently, "professional" template mobile sites are on offer, and there's no need to submit payments details, with no strings attached. The service normally costs $9 per month, and at the end of the free year, you can sign up for a subscription or just walk away.

Duda Mobile noted: "Our hope is that by offering both the education AND the service at no cost for one year, we can help businesses make the shift to mobile more quickly, benefiting both their business as well as us consumers who no longer want to pinch and zoom our way through their regular websites on our phones."

"It won't take you more than 20 minutes to create your mobile-friendly website. And who knows, you might surprise yourself and even enjoy it."

Note that this is the GoMo scheme (launched late last year in the US), not the recently launched GetMo UK-based equivalent project - although presumably the mobile site creation tool will be made available in the UK, in time. Hopefully with the same freebie offer.

Source: The Next Web