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Intel Planning “Epic” Ultrabook Marketing Campaign

There's nothing like a good, clever bit of advertising to get people to talk about your product. Especially in these digital days, when a marketing campaign can be spread online virally like... well, a virus.

Intel is planning something special in the way of promotion for its Ultrabook, and its adverts won't be techy affairs extolling the virtues of processors, graphics chipsets or drives. Instead, the company is going for a more mass-market appeal, and a cinematic ad campaign.

Intel sales and marketing chief Kevin Sellers notes that the adverts will use a "cinematic and epic feel" to convey "how Intel-inspired Ultrabook systems are ushering in a new era of computing and making everything else seem like ancient history".

The fresh campaign will apparently run to hundreds of millions of dollars, bringing British director Daniel Kleinman on board, with adverts set in the old wild west, ancient China and medieval Britain. Sadly, the ads won't actually be shown in the UK (we shudder to think what sort of teeth the Americans are going to cast medieval British peasants as having, perhaps that's why they won't show them here).

The ads will appear in Europe, though, in the form of "interactive" online advertising letting the viewer create his own adventure, apparently. These online pieces use footage shot in the same locations as the TV ads, to make the whole marketing experience seem as seamless as possible.

Intel certainly seems determined to push the Ultrabook as hard as possible this year, to try and revitalise flagging computer sales which have been dogged by the success of the iPad and other tablets.

Source: PCR Online