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iPanel: The Name Of Apple’s Smart TV?

While we all wait for the long rumoured Apple's smart TV, analysts are doing their best to guess Apple's intentions. The latest in a series of speculation about the upcoming line of Apple products is pushed by Jefferies & Co.'s Peter Misek.

The analyst suggests that decision makers in Cupertino headquarters might call the smart TV iPanel. He also predicts that this device which is "so much more than a TV" could be unveiled in the fourth quarter of this year, just in time for the holiday shopping frenzy.

Peter Misek is confident that Apple will have to forget about the iTV name, after the British TV network that already owns this name wouldn't agree to sell the trademark.

The British company also has global rights over the name and "and won't sell them based on recent checks," said the analyst.

iPanel trademark is also taken but it seems that Apple could have better luck with it. "Crestron (opens in new tab) is one owner of the iPanel name but the company discontinued its product line and is focusing more on Apple products to integrate in their system," said Misek.

On the other hand, a quick check reveals that there is an Israeli company (opens in new tab) which owns the iPanel trademark locally.

source: Barrons (opens in new tab)

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