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iPhone 5 And Next iPad To Have Face Unlock?

According to a recently filed patent, Apple aims to be the leader of face recognition technology. The patent, titled "Electronic Device Operation Adjustment Based on Face Detection" details the way a device can act when it recognizes its user.

The new Apple patent describes an "electronic device having at least a front facing image capture device and a front facing display device arranged to display visual content." After the device captures a user's image and compares it to the predetermined set of data stored, then it unlocks and loads a user's profile.

Unlike any similar applications or face unlock feature, when the user is not recognized, the device doesn't give alternative options like asking for a security code in order to unlock.

With this new patent, Apple's devices will provide users a customization experience at a completely different level.

"The facial data can be used to determine an orientation of the human face relative to the orientation of the presented visual content. In other words, the electronic device can determine if the orientation of the presented visual content, is substantially the same, or different, than the orientation of the human face." says Apple's patent application.

source: FreePatentsOnline (opens in new tab)

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