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Next iPhone’s Camera To Have Augmented Reality Features?

What if an iPhone camera will be able not only to capture images but also to interpret them and put information into context? Apple is working on this idea already, as revealed by the latest patent filed at the United States Patent Office.

The new technology behind pattern detection would allow cameras in the future iOS devices to read ISBN numbers, bar codes and other pricing systems, phone numbers and more.

Moreover, the patent would enable users to scan with the iPhone camera a movie poster or a magazine and then access any URLs found directly from the picture.

To make it even more intriguing, the camera could recognize actors' faces and give the contextual menu options for this information.

The powerful pattern recognition technology would allow users to scan a phone number and then instantly be presented with the option to add this number to contacts. In order to provide such pattern detection features, Apple relied on text recognition modules that process optical character recognition.

The system performs contextual processing and the user interface delivers the "contextual processing command option based on the data type of the pattern in the textual information," details Patently Apple.

source: PatentlyApple (opens in new tab)

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