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SwiftKey 3 Does Away With The Spacebar

Could you live in a world without a spacebar? The internet might be full of people who can't use paragraphs, but imagine a forum full of posts with no spaces whatsoever...

Don't fret though, because while SwiftKey might be doing away with the spacebar, it's not doing away with the spaces themselves. Confused? Read on.

If you're not familiar with SwiftKey, it's an Android keyboard app which uses predictive algorithms to guess the remaining letters in a word which is being typed, and the next word, in order to speed up typing. The new SwiftKey 3 Beta attempts to make your typing even faster by removing the need to hit space, with the app inserting any missed spaces at the end of a sentence.

Smartspace, as it's called, can tell where there should be spaces between words, and is all part of the auto-correct process which also remedies other typing errors. Pretty neat, indeed.

For those who still want to use the spacebar - long-time typists will find that a hard habit to break, of course - the developer has also made the spacebar bigger, and therefore easier to hit.

Another new feature is smart punctuation, which provides easy press-and-slide access to commas, full-stops, exclamation marks, and question marks. There'll be no excuse for a badly punctuated text any longer, although we're betting some may be tempted to pepper their writing with exclamation marks!! How silly!!!

The beta version of SwiftKey 3 is available now - but seriously, now, don't overdo the exclamations, or the punctuation police will be coming calling.

Source: PC Advisor (opens in new tab)

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