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£79.97 Panasonic DMPBDT100 3D Blu-ray Player – Clearance

Panasonic brings to you the DMPBDT100 Blu-ray Player that would turn your living room into an movie room allowing you to view fantastic high definition Blu-ray movies on your existing TV at an amazing price and being 3D capable, this Blu-ray player is definitely a future proof Blu-ray player.

The Blu-ray player is equipped with PHL Reference Chroma Processor Plus that renders the fine details and nuances of movie scenes by reproducing clearer colour boundaries and move vibrant picture. The player also features P4HD Enhanced Full HD Upsampling technology that processes more than 15 billion pixels per second, generating each pixel correctly according to information obtained from up to 60 surrounding pixels, and applies the optimum processing to every pixel in the video data on the disc. The result is visuals with exceptional resolution.

The player is one of the fastest in this segment in terms of boot times thus eliminating the waiting. The Blu-ray player is Wi-Fi ready and the Viera CAST allows you to watch internet based content through Bloomberg, Daily Motion, YouTube Videos, Picasa, etc.

To honour the quality that movies deserve, Panasonic has put in 1080/24p Playback that is equivalent to that in cinemas and exactly the way the directors would have intended. Some of the other features High Precision 4:4:4, Digital Noise Reduction (3D-NR/ Integrated NR), Deep Colour, x.v.Colour, Picture Adjustment, etc.

The Panasonic DMPBDT100 3D Blu-ray Player is available on clearance price from ElectricShop for £79.97.