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Report Reveals People Using Tablets While Watching TV

According to the latest Nielsen Wire quarterly survey among the mobile users in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and Italy, people prefer using their tablets in front of a TV.

In the US, almost 90 per cent of the tablet owners prefer using their device while the TV is on, either for checking out mails, or for searching for information related to the TV shows. 86 per cent of American smartphone owners declared of doing the same thing with their smartphones.

Britons seem less interested in combining activities than the Americans but the figures show they are also prone to multitasking.

Almost 80 percent of the tablet and smartphone owners declared paying attention to a mobile device and the TV simultaneously.

In Germany and Italy, users seem to prefer to focus on one thing at a time. 29 per cent of the people here don't mix TV watching with using their tablet.

Among smartphone owners, the percentage of the people who don't use the smartphones while the TV is on is even higher, 34 per cent of Italians and 35 percent of Germans.

source: NielsenWire (opens in new tab)

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