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Sainsburys Offers Best PS3 Console Price At £160

UK Supermarket Sainsburys is offering the Sony Playstation PS3 (160GB Slim model) for as little as £159.99 with 318 Nectar points with free delivery. You can get the console at Amazon for the same price with three-month subscription to Lovefilm although you will have to wait till the 1st of August 2012.

In comparison, Tesco sells the console for £189 while the just-saved Game flogs it for £200 and Sainsburys sells the Xbox 360 250GB for £199.99.

Historically, Microsoft's gaming console retails for less than Sony's and we're not sure whether the price drop is linked with a pre-emptive stock clearance ahead of a future product launch.

The new Playstation is roughly a third smaller, a third lighter and consumes a third less power than the original PS3 as it has been redesigned with a Cell processor that uses a more mature manufacturing process and is quieter

There's still the Blu-ray player, HDMI out, two USB ports, a wireless controller, Wi-Fi, a free online gaming service but no backward compatibilities with PS2 games. Bear in mind as well that you will be able to upgrade the console's internal hard drive to up to 1TB.

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