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Samsung Researcher Got $170,000 To Steal AMOLED Secrets

In Suwon, South Korea, 11 people have been arrested under the suspicion of leaking sensitive information about Samsung's AMOLED technology, according to Yonhap News.

According to the police, the suspects managed to slip technology details from Samsung Mobile Display (SMD) to a local rival company. There were researchers and employees from both companies involved.

One of the suspects, a former Samsung Mobile Display researcher, received about 190 million won (around $170,000) for key information on a device called "small mask scanning". The 46 year old suspect, whose name was not revealed, moved to a rival company last November, hoping for an executive position.

He also tried to sell technology secrets to a Chinese display company.The police revealed that the man was arrested along with 10 of his accomplices.

The other 10 suspects were only booked and interviewed without detention. The technology is used in the development of the next generation flat screen displays.

So far, Samsung uses AMOLED displays only in the handheld mobile devices, like its top of the range smartphones and tablets.

source: YonhapNews (opens in new tab)

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