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Samsung VP Says Galaxy S3 is Not Follow up to S2, Galaxy Note Is

The follow up to the Samsung Galaxy S2 is already here according to Simon Stanford, VP of Samsung Electronics UK who was speaking to Cnet UK; but it is the Galaxy Note, not the Galaxy S3.

Mr Stanford said "The evolution in S2 is already here, it's there, it's Galaxy Note and that is a really strong device for Samsung, globally as well as in the UK".

The Galaxy Note popularised the porte-manteau term "Phablet" which combines the characteristics of a tablet with that of a smartphone. The device runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, has a massive 5.3-inch screen, a 1,280 by 800 pixels resolution (seen mostly on tablets) and comes with a stylus.

He confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is the most popular Android device in the UK shipping around 30,000 units every week, a feat that has allowed Samsung to grow its smartphone market share in the UK from six per cent to a massive 28 per cent.

It also explains why the price of the Galaxy S2 has not been falling as fast as one would have expected (indeed, the S2 is more expensive than the more advanced Samsung Galaxy Nexus) and why Samsung may not be unhappy to hold on for the S3 while it milks the S2 cow.

Source : Cnet

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