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Gigabyte 7 Series Motherboards Launched

Gigabyte has just announced the launch of its new 7 series motherboards, which the company claims sport a new power design, and the world's first dual UEFI BIOS.

The new Z77 chipset models are built to support the upcoming Intel Ivy Bridge processors, and come with a range of features designed to help overclockers and tweakers maximise their system with a minimum of fuss.

The motherboards have a dual UEFI 3D BIOS, which offers two modes of interface, a 3D mode and advanced mode. According to Gigabyte, these "re-draw the traditional BIOS user experience with a far more intuitive and graphical interface."

The 7 series also boasts digital controllers for the CPU, graphics and system memory to facilitate more precise power delivery to PC components. The motherboards also utilise Ultra Durable 4 technology, with protection measures in terms of safeguards for moisture, high running temperatures, electro-static discharge and sudden power loss.

Henry Kao, Vice President of Gigabyte's Motherboard Business Unit, commented: "The new GIGABYTE 7 series motherboards are designed to offer a seamless upgrade for enthusiast PC DIYers by providing specifications and features that will be compatible with future CPUs, VGA cards, memory, SSDs, and wireless protocols for years to come."

"It makes sense then for us to aggressively transition to GIGABYTE Z77 and H77 motherboards so that enthusiasts can purchase them in anticipation for the release of Intel's highly sought after 3rd Gen Core processors."

The boards are still fully compatible with Sandy Bridge, so you'll be able to run those CPUs in them happily enough until Ivy Bridge finally arrives.