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Installous7 By Jaxbot Gives Free Access inside The Windows Phone Marketplace

(Ed : That was an April Fool)

Jaxbot, a hacker with a focus on the Windows Phone OS, has just released a tool that gives unlimited access within Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace, for free. Known as Installous7, this application is easy to install and even easier to use.

Piracy in Windows Phone is a subject well "treated" by Microsoft officials. With the lack of server-side encryption, hacking teams can take advantage of flaws whenever they want.

Today is the turn of Installous7, an application that does not require root access inside the handset but simply asks for an unlocked device.

Once installed, the package is able to sign its own DRM and run WP7 Marketplace, allowing users to download any software for free. Users can also install this application with ease, just by retrieving the Installous7 archive and sideloading the package.

The hacker warns that although the DRM store installed through this software unlocks all trial applications inside the Marketplace and stops the charging process from applying to downloaders, Jaxbot has no idea how long it will work for.

Everything relies on a Microsoft bug and the software giant is known to patch things up quickly with minor OS updates.

Jaxbot is also known for developing a jailbreaking tool back in December 2011, but the port was only functional on Samsung devices. This was a free-to-install tool, unlike the package supported by the ChevronWP7 team, which sold as tokens for $9 and worked hand in hand with Microsoft officials.

Source: WindowsPhoneHacker (opens in new tab)