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Late News: Sony to Axe 10k Employees?, Microsoft to Purchase 800 AOL Patents Worth $1B, Gigabyte 7 Series Motherboards

Sony is, quite clearly, a company which is undergoing major changes at the moment. The firm, which has financially struggled of late, is now under a new CEO, and the new broom is busy bringing in some sweeping changes. Kazuo Hirai plans to put more emphasis on and effort into the TV side of the business (that crystal LED set sounds very smart), and development with the next-gen PlayStation (Orbis) is being pushed hard too.

There's been another big development in the patent war, with a major slab of potential infringement firepower being snapped up by Microsoft. The Redmond-based firm is set to purchase over 800 patents from AOL, a move which is going to cost it just over a billion dollars in cash.

Gigabyte has just announced the launch of its new 7 series motherboards, which the company claims sport a new power design, and the world's first dual UEFI BIOS. The new Z77 chipset models are built to support the upcoming Intel Ivy Bridge processors, and come with a range of features designed to help overclockers and tweakers maximise their system with a minimum of fuss.

Jaxbot, a hacker with a focus on the Windows Phone OS, has just released a tool that gives unlimited access within Microsoft's Windows Phone Marketplace, for free. Known as Installous7, this application is easy to install and even easier to use. Piracy in Windows Phone is a subject well "treated" by Microsoft officials. With the lack of server-side encryption, hacking teams can take advantage of flaws whenever they want.

When it comes to battery life, every mobile device needs plenty of it. Researchers have now discovered that future batteries can provide 40 per cent more power juice by simply switching the technology used, in favour of silicon. Batteries supply power using electron migration from the anode towards the cathode.