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Raspberry Pi Quality Testing Successfully Completed

There's some good news on the Raspberry Pi front, the miniature £22 computer which aims to get kids' interest fired up in programming again, and also to give the developing world access to affordable computing.

Initial batches sold like hot cakes - indeed, hot raspberry pies - but the device then hit problems, requiring to be put through testing to gain its CE mark before further units could be sold in the EU.

On its blog page, the Pi Foundation stated: "The Raspberry Pi had to pass radiated and conducted emissions and immunity tests in a variety of configurations (a single run can take hours), and was subjected to electrostatic discharge (ESD) testing to establish its robustness to being rubbed on a cat."

"It's a long process, involving a scary padded room full of blue cones, turntables that rise and fall on demand, and a thing that looks a lot like a television aerial crossed with Cthulhu."

The good news is that the tiny computer has passed those quality tests with flying colours, and it doesn't require any hardware modifications.

There is still the matter of some paperwork to sign, but once that final hurdle is cleared, the Raspberry Pi should be on sale in the UK shortly - and flying off the shelves, no doubt.