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Sony Plans To Shed 10,000 Employees

Sony is, quite clearly, a company which is undergoing major changes at the moment.

The firm, which has financially struggled of late, is now under a new CEO, and the new broom is busy bringing in some sweeping changes. Kazuo Hirai plans to put more emphasis on and effort into the TV side of the business (that crystal LED set sounds very smart), and development with the next-gen PlayStation (Orbis) is being pushed hard too.

As well as shifts in strategy, there have also been executive job cuts, rumours of folks being pushed into early retirement, and now apparently there are some massive job losses on the horizon.

According to Japan's largest business paper, Sony is to slash around 10,000 jobs, about 6 per cent of its staff, across the globe.

While the paper didn't cite any sources to back up this assertion, it had information as to where these cuts were likely to be drawn from. The jobs will be lost across development, manufacturing and management.

The 10,000 job losses do include 5,000 already announced losses, which will come from spinning off arms such as chemical operations and small/mid-sized LCD production.

Sony didn't have any comment to make on the newspaper report, which further asserted that the job cuts would be implemented before the end of 2012.

Source: PC World