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Android 4.0 ICS Update Rolling Out to HTC Rezound, Delayed for Motorola RAZR, MAXX?

A leaked email surfaced last week, when according to Best Buy, an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich should arrive on HTC Rezound.

Moreover, the same update was rumoured to be delayed for the Motorola RAZR and its MAXX sibling, indefinitely.

The tip comes from a Best Buy note addressed to all employees, which said that all HTC Rezound handsets should receive the latest Android version on April 6th.

According to user comments from various websites, 24 hours after the deadline, most HTC Rezound models are still stuck on Gingerbread with only one small portion of users claiming they've received the much waited upgrade.

Also, news of an incremental upgrade, rather than Android 4.0, had surfaced. On the other hand, some sources (opens in new tab)have contacted Verizon personnel to ask about these claims and officials denied any plans for this weekend.

The second part of the leaked email concerned the Motorola RAZR (32GB and 16GB models) and the RAZR MAXX.

These two smartphones should have received Ice Cream Sandwich on April 5th but nothing happened. Now, the retailer apparently has claimed that the version has been delayed, without a proper release date being announced.

Image Credit to Android Police, Source: AndroidPolice (opens in new tab)