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Anonymous Wants To Bring Down The Great Firewall Of China

It seems Anonymous plans to expand from bringing down just a couple of website, at least when it comes to the Chinese government. One member of the hacking group claims the organisation is to launch further attacks in the future, in the hopes of releasing the Chinese population from the bonds of censorship.

The member in case is f0ws3r, one of the senior participants that oversees Chinese attacks, and the very one who controlled China's official Twitter account in the latest attack. Just a couple of days ago, the group hacked its way into over 500 government-related websites and posted threatening messages towards officials.

As the hacker claims, their first round of attacks was used to show China that the group is not afraid and that they are more than willing to expose the truth, while fighting for justice. "Yes, we are planning more attacks, a few at a time," f0ws3r said.

One of these plans is to bring down the "Great Firewall of China", which represents the countrys' restrictions against popular websites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube in the process of "maintaining" social stability.

The next round of attacks have not been detailed, but f0ws3r said the group is now aiming at bigger targets. Considering their numbers, with the Chinese group consisting of 10-12 seasoned hackers and hundreds of members that are mainly used for translation, they also possess the power to do so.

Source: Reuters (opens in new tab)