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Chinese Teen Sold Kidney To Buy An iPhone 4S, iPad 2

Five people were arrested in China and accused of intentional injury after they were involved in a kidney transplant performed on a teenager.

The 17-year-old boy, named Wang, sold his kidney in order to buy an iPad and an iPhone. He now suffers from renal deficiency, according to the prosecutors.

Xinhua News Agency reported that five people were charged in connection to this case, including the surgeon who performed the transplant. They received 220,000 yuan (about £ 22,000) for the transplant and gave Wang only 10 per cent of this amount.

He paid about £630 ($1000) for Apple devices. His mother noticed the expensive gadgets and started questioning him. In the end, he had to admit that he sold his kidney. The police report does not say who the beneficiary of this transplant is or who paid for the surgery.

Wang lives in one of China's poorest southern provinces, Anhui. He was the victim of "transplant tourism" which is a frequent way for the Chinese patients to get transplants.

As the official organ transplants can only cover a small fraction of the need, patients often need to travel overseas or to resort to the black market.

source: Reuters (opens in new tab)

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