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Gadget Show 2012 - Early Afternoon

Things have picked up now, undermining our earlier predictions (opens in new tab). However Gadget Show Live 2012 feels quite similar to Gadget Show Live 2011.

There are many, many stalls here that are identical to the ones from the year before. There's the laughably ridiculous Mojo balance/frequency improving bands that still don't do anything, despite the incredible claims of the attending staff. The RC helicopters are in attendance too; this year with a couple of extra rotors. There's also some fairly weapon-less robots that you can bash into each other, and magazine companies hawking print media where the usual gadget insurance companies are hoping to make a splash.

There are a few updates though. Overclockers has a stand showing off some of the latest hardware. One rig has quad SLI Nvidia GTX 680 graphics cards, which is impressive, though totally unnecessary. The SCAN area has plenty of hardware on display and similarly the Steelseries and Zotac booths are sporting their latest and greatest hardware.

One of the big turnouts this year is headphones. Not only do you have the usual culprits such as Turtle Beach, but there's examples from some big names as well. 50 Cent, for example. He made an appearance to show off his new line of designer headphones. Ludacris, didn't show up in person, as far as we know, but his line of Soul headsets were also on display.

As you would expect, pretty nice sound quality, incredibly expensive. And they don't make us look cool, at all.

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