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Gadget Show 2012 Press Day - Early Birds

If you ever wanted to know what it's like to be a journalist at Gadget Show Live, it's largely non-exclusive. Arriving 20 minutes late as is my usual practice to do so, I joined a relatively short queue of "press" at the entrance way to Atrium 2 of Birmingham's NEC.

The halls themselves are so far relatively empty - the food area will no doubt pick up a few customers later in the day - but it seems like few have made the turn out this morning.

Over the past week I have continued to receive invitations to acquire passes for friends or colleagues and I've passed that on to several others writers I'm acquainted with. One of them brought his girlfriend. Why not? There's plenty of space.

While the Gadget Show has traditionally been far more popular on public going days, it's interesting to see how little early bird interest there has been this morning. Of course this is a boon if you want to try out some of the trial activities that are no doubt on offer, but if it maintains throughout the day, it could be telling of the British press' lack of interest.

Perhaps things will pick up later on. For now I'm going to check out the decidedly hardware focused hall as it seems far more interesting that the slightly-slimmer-than-last-year TVs on display from LG and similar manufacturers.

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