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Late News: New iPad Wi-Fi Issues Confirmed, Facebook Acquires Instragram for $1 Billion, iPhone 5 October Launch Hinted

Despite its record sales, Apple's new iPad appears to be plagued by connectivity issues. The latest report on this matter comes from the eWeek team who performed tests in a special lab. The first eWeek tests were performed on a Verizon iPad with support for both LTE and Wi-Fi. "Initially, the device appeared to work fine, but then a search for additional WiFi signals revealed that the iPad was unable to detect a 5GHz WiFi signal from a distance of about 50 feet," writes Wayne Rash.

Some big acquisition news - Facebook has bought up Instagram for no less than $1 billion in cash and stock. The amount Mark Zuckerberg has paid shocked many industry observers, mainly because the mobile photo sharing app with a social focus isn't seen to be worth anywhere near that sum.

Red Hat has announced the launch of the beta of Red Hat Storage 2.0, the rebranded name for GlusterFS (Gluster being the outfit which Red Hat acquired last autumn for $136 million). Red Hat boasts that the new beta builds on its "industry-leading capabilities" when it comes to managing the storage of unstructured data.

The rumour mill around the new iPhone has already started its frantic spin. The previous rumours suggested that the release date for the sixth generation iPhone could be sometime in June. Now, it seems that we have to wait until October to see the device, according to a Foxconn recruiter.

Nokia and Microsoft are still struggling to make headway in the competitive smartphone market, ruled by Apple and Google. In a world revolving around apps, Microsoft is continuing to offer funding for developers, to create apps for the Windows Phone market. Nokia's new Lumia 900 phone runs the Microsoft OS and it is hoped that this partnership will begin to increase the prominence, of both Nokia and Microsoft in the smartphone market.