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MegaUpload Calls for Urquhart & Sullivan in Upcoming Lawsuit

MegaUpload wants to risk nothing when facing accusations brought by U.S government officials in the upcoming lawsuit for violation of copyright acts, as the hosting company hired a well-known defence firm and a notorious lawyer.

MegaUpload's executives have hired the Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan law firm, as well as lawyer Andrew Shapiro, to represent them against U.S. officials.

Shapiro is known for successfully defending YouTube against Viacom back in 2010, where the video sharing service provided by Google faced similar charges.

Speaking of charges, MegaUpload will have to respond for criminal conspiracies for illicit revenue and pay copyright damages of over £315 ($500) million.

The sum is the largest copyright financial penalty in US history, with MegaUpload being charged for allowing illegal share of copyrighted songs, moves and other precious content.

The hosting company relies on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of safe harbour stipulation for its defence. This is the same tactic adopted by Andrew Shapiro when defending YouTube, and mainly protects ISPs from illegal actions committed by users.

Ira Rothken, MegaUpload's current attorney, describes the law firm as being one of the best in the country. The company also chose to make Schapiro the leading attorney in MegaUpload's worldwide defence.

Also part of the team are Bill Burck and John Quinn, founder of Quinn Emanuel, who won major cases for General Motors and Genetech.

Source: Cnet (opens in new tab)