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Microsoft Continues To Pay Windows Phone Developers

Nokia and Microsoft are still struggling to make headway in the competitive smartphone market, ruled by Apple and Google. In a world revolving around apps, Microsoft is continuing to offer funding for developers, to create apps for the Windows Phone market.

Nokia's new Lumia 900 phone runs the Microsoft OS and it is hoped that this partnership will begin to increase the prominence, of both Nokia and Microsoft in the smartphone market.

To encourage developers to create apps, for the relatively small footprint of the Microsoft platform, the firm are offering incentives. Developers can be offered free phones and prime advertising spots, in the Windows Phone app store.

Microsoft has also financed the development of Windows Phone versions of already well-known apps. Depending on the complexity of the app, this could cost between $60,000 (£38,000) to $600,000 (£378,000). Apple and Google do not offer money to developers, for creating apps for their respective markets.

Microsoft offered to foot the bill for a Windows Phone version of mobile social network Foursquare. According to the network's head of business development, Holger Luedorf, without the funding, Foursquare would "probably not" have created a version for the Microsoft platform. "We have very limited resources, and we have to put them toward the platforms with the biggest bang for our buck." he explained. "But we are a social network and it is incredibly important for us to be available on every platform."

Source: The New York Times (opens in new tab)