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Mysterious Ultrabook In Intel Desperado Video Is LG Z330

The laptop featured in Intel's Ultrabook Desperado marketing video is the LG Xnote Z330 which was unveiled at CES in Las Vegas in January, we found out after some sleuthing.

LG decided to call it a Super Ultrabook though because the company says that it went "above and beyond" the minimum requirements set by Intel to garner the Ultrabook sticker.

Although Intel airbrushed the logo and design out of the laptop, the large air grills on the left hand side of the ultrabook gave it away.

The device has a very similar design to the Apple MacBook Air down to the large size touchpad, the brushed aluminium look, the "wedge" form factor, down to the weight; just 100g less than Apple's 13.3-inch model.

LG hasn't confirmed when the laptop will be released in the UK and if yes, at what price. Indeed, the Z330 is not even available in the US yet. The Z-series is the successor to the P210 which we saw at CES last year and was never launched in the UK.

Expect the Z330 to be a transitional product given that the next few weeks will see the arrival of Intel's new Ivy Bridge processor which will boost significantly enhanced graphics.

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