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Nokia Future In The US Looks Bleak Before Release Of Lumia 900

Nokia has released its latest smartphone, the Lumia 900, in the U.S, during the past weekend, but predicted sales figures are looking weak.

The new Lumia, which runs Windows Phone software, has gone on sale through AT&T, the second largest wireless carrier in the U.S., on the 8th April.

The sales of the device during the first three months is expected to be around the hundreds of thousands mark. The iPhone 4S in comparison sold more than four million units in the first weekend.

The price of the new Finnish device is half that of the iPhone, which Nokia are hoping will tempt some users away from the leading Apple and Android handsets.

Alex Spektor, an analyst at Strategy Analytics, said "the launch will set the tone for Nokia's recovery. The U.S., since the rise of the iPhone, has become the most important market for mobile devices so success here is important for any vendor who wants to succeed on a global scale."

The release of the Lumia 900 via AT&T may be Nokia's best chance at a recovery in the U.S. market as new models from Apple and RIM, the manufacturer of the BlackBerry, are not expected until the second half of the year.

Once the biggest smartphone maker in the world, Nokia has lost 80 per cent of its market value since the release of the iPhone in 2007.

Source : Bloomberg (opens in new tab)