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Paul Ceglia Still Claims Half-Ownership Of Facebook

Paul Ceglia claims he should have at least half of Facebook, and says he has the documents to prove it.

Ceglia claims (opens in new tab) he gave Mark Zuckerburg $1000 (£629) in 2003 to help set up the incredibly successful social networking site, and that a contract was signed. Co-founder Mark Zuckerburg did some work for Ceglia whilst at Harvard University.

This contract should entitle Ceglia to at least half of the company. Facebook is denying that such a contract exists, and that the contract and other documents are forged. Subsequently, last month the social networking giant filed to dismiss the suit.

The plight of Ceglia has taken a blow recently as the court ruled that Ceglia's lawyers cannot question Zuckerburg, or search the co-founder's personal computers. However, Ceglia and his attorneys will be able to challenge the claims of forgery.

"We are very pleased with today's ruling." said Orin Snyder, lawyer for Facebook. "The court denied Ceglia's request for broad discovery and continues to focus these proceedings solely on the question of Ceglia's criminal fraud. We welcome the opportunity to develop additional evidence of Ceglia's misconduct and look forward to having him held accountable."

However, the hope from Ceglia's camp is that the dismissal will be denied. "We are hopeful that once we have obtained and presented this information, the court will deny the defendants' motions to dismiss and allow the case to proceed to full discovery and an eventual trial'" said Ceglia's attorneys.

Source : Bloomberg (opens in new tab)