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Pay £1300 If You Want A Green iPhone 4S

If you are a true Apple devotee, you might think that iPhones are perfect just the way they are and the sleek design doesn't need any embellishments.

In case you're not and you have some serious dough to spend, Amosu Couture released options for users who want to spice the appearance of their iPhone 4S.

For the not-so-insignificant price of £1300, the company delivers the 64 GB iPhone 4S in three colour options: valley green, ocean blue and sunshine yellow.

Both the back and the front panels of Apple's latest smartphone are painted so they can make a "radiant fashion statement," according to the company's description.

All of the three models are available immediately if ordered online. In addition to the standard colours that Amosu offers, the company can make the luxury customization according to the clients' wishes.

The showy iPhone users can get devices in their own personal colours and corporate customers could choose to put their company logo on the iPhones.

Amosu Couture offers silver or gold iPhones and also smartphones decorated with Swarovski crystals. Still damn cheap compared to the $9 million this phone would cost you.

Source: AmosuCouture (opens in new tab)

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