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New iPad Wi-Fi Issues : Is Power Management The Culprit?

As more complaints about the new iPad's Wi-Fi connectivity issue emerge, the latest report on this matter comes from a company called Rapid Repair which suggests that the problem is caused by "a power-saving feature run amok."

Rapid Repair is a team with inside knowledge of Apple products, as a repair shop and parts supplier for iOS devices. Aaron Vronko, CEO of Rapid Repair, checked the wireless reliability of the new iPad and came out with his own conclusion.

"It's unlikely that hardware is the primary cause of the [problem]. This is probably a software problem, or a hardware quirk that software must negotiate," explained Vronko.

Looking into the situation a little further, he also suggested that the problem might be related to the faulty power management. "The fact that a network settings reset can sometimes resolve the issue points strongly to a power-saving feature run amok," he pointed out.

Aaron Vronko found a possible culprit: the Broadcom BCM4330 chip which has a new design and a few power saving features.

At the moment Apple hasn't officially acknowledged the issue, but there are unofficial reports suggesting that the company is investigating the unstable Wi-Fi connectivity.

Source: ComputerWorld

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