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Radio Reporter Visits New iPad Factory

Rob Schmitz, the China correspondent for American Public Media's Marketplace, was invited by Apple and Foxconn officials to visit the Chinese factories - where Apples' devices are assembled.

Rob Schmitz is the reporter who exposed the inadvertencies in Mike Daisey's The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs report.

Rob Schmitz will broadcast his report about the visit, starting this week. However, we get to take a first "look inside a Foxconn factory" in a teaser interview. He admits that he was granted "unfettered access" to see iPad's assembly lines.

He spent a couple of days interviewing the workers and he found out that they "usually have a positive attitude about working at Foxconn," particularly after the promised raises.

The dozens of workers Rob Schmitz spoke to, were surprised to hear that they make the headlines across the globe and that people are interested in their working conditions. Their complaints are related to the conflicts with their immediate supervisors.

This factory is one of the largest factories in the world, with 240,000 employees - the size of a medium American city. Generally, Rob Schmitz was impressed by the size of a factory that has shopping centres, dormitories, basketball courts and a swimming pool area.

Source: CNN

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