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Red Hat Storage 2.0 Beta Pushed Out

Red Hat has announced the launch of the beta of Red Hat Storage 2.0, the rebranded name for GlusterFS (Gluster being the outfit which Red Hat acquired last autumn for $136 million).

Red Hat boasts that the new beta builds on its "industry-leading capabilities" when it comes to managing the storage of unstructured data.

In a press statement, the company said: "Red Hat Storage is software only, scale-out storage that provides flexible and affordable unstructured data storage for the enterprise. Red Hat Storage 2.0 provides new opportunities to unify data storage and infrastructures, increase performance and improve availability and manageability in order to meet a broader set of an organization's storage challenges and needs."

Specifically, the 2.0 beta version incorporates a slew of major innovations, which include performance enhancements, such as faster rebalancing and Network File System Version 3 performance optimization.

Improved manageability and reliability are also key areas which have been worked on, and the beta product provides the "industry's first release of file storage designed to integrate seamlessly with object storage".

Furthermore, Red Hat notes that: "Red Hat Storage 2.0 includes compatibility for Apache Hadoop providing a new storage option for Hadoop deployments. This new functionality, enables faster file access and opens up data within Hadoop deployments to other file-based or object-based applications."

Currently, Red Hat Storage 2.0 is in private beta testing, and it's unclear when the beta phase might switch to include the public. That, we guess, depends on how well the testing goes.

Source: The Register