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Signs of Windows Phone 8 Tests Appear in Browser Stats

Hitslink, a report platform that analyses web-based usage statistics, has logged signs of Windows Phone 8 "Apollo" on the web. These reports are pretty recent and they may hint towards an early use of the OS amongst developers.

The upcoming mobile operating system from Microsoft has been recorded live since March this year.

Another interesting fact revealed by the studies is that 83 per cent of all Windows Phone handsets run Mango, one of the latest OS versions. This figure includes all later upgrades, like build 7740, 8107, 8112 and Tango.

Windows Phone 8 has been recently rumoured to first arrive on Nokia handsets, sometimes in the fourth quarter of this year. All existing 80,000 applications within the marketplace will be compatible with Apollo and the upgrade should be supported on most Windows Phone smartphones.

WP8 should bring some interesting features, like support for multi-cores, different resolutions (HD included), NFC technologies, as well as content sharing with other phones running on the same OS or devices powered by Windows 8.

The update should also bring a deeper Skydrive integration, including ability to sync data over the cloud, an Xbox companion application, native code support to ease the transition of Android and iOS software and even a Skype client.

Source: Hitlinks (opens in new tab)