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Accenture To Offer Microsoft Windows Azure Public Cloud Solution

Accenture has announced an agreement with Microsoft, whereby the company will become the first service provider to offer an end-to-end public cloud solution on the Windows Azure platform.

The deal also includes Avanade, a subsidiary of Accenture which provides tech solutions and managed services.

Both firms will be selling, hosting and delivering Azure services to clients, meaning those clients can now sign a single contract for one-stop provisioning and monitoring, facilitating the easier adoption of Azure - and ensuring agility, along with speedy deployment.

The agreement means Accenture will expand its infrastructure outsourcing options to include Platform-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (as they become available) from Windows Azure.

Paul Daugherty, chief technology architect and global cloud services lead for Accenture, commented: "As our clients are increasingly looking to generate the business benefits of moving into the cloud, we can offer the capabilities, flexibility and innovation to help them on their journey, and this agreement adds a cost-effective, enterprise-ready cloud-based hosting option that is ready-to-deploy."

"By combining the strengths of Microsoft, Accenture and Avanade and the power of Windows Azure, we can increase support for our clients' cloud strategies and continue to help them achieve high performance."

The two companies claim to have the largest number of certified Windows Azure professionals in the world when it comes to Microsoft's Enterprise Partner Alliances, employees who have spent over 170,000 hours combined in the development of Azure projects.