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Future Sony Xperia Models Will Have 4.3in AMOLED Displays

According to sources inside AUO, as quoted by China Times, the Taiwanese manufacturer has orders to produce 4.3in AMOLED displays for Sony Xperia handsets. So far, Sony has used TFT-LCD displays for its premium smartphones.

AUO is the leading manufacturer of screens, used in a wide range of electronic devices including LCD-TVs, monitors, tablets and laptops, mobile phones, car and navigation displays.

When it comes to AMOLED displays, AUO was the first company to start mass production of such screens, back in 2006.

The 4.3in screens for future Xperia models, developed with Sony's assistance, are expected to enter mass production soon. China Times points out that AUO has to deliver a "large volume" of AMOLED displays, in the following months.

Sony has managed to maintain its place in the customer's preference of high-end features. Xperia S, for instance, is ready to challenge the major players on the smartphone market such as Apple, Samsung or LG smartphones.

The 4.3 TFT-LCD display of Xperia S has the world's highest pixel density and one of the best screen resolutions on the market, to date.

Source: ChinaTimes (opens in new tab)

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