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Gadget Show 2012 Press Day Retrospect

With slightly sore legs and a right hand that could do with a wash from all the shaking it did, we headed back home after this year's Gadget Show Live 2012 Press Day - feeling somewhat underwhelmed.

We enjoyed checking out some of the new high end PC hardware that were on display and had a lot of fun on some of the retro consoles and arcade machines available; in terms of new gadgets and technology, there was nothing that made us come away feeling excited.

This year's focus was definitely on audio. The usual car stereo firms were out in force, with a modified Audi A8 stealing centre stage and they pounded out very heavy tunes for the majority of the day. Nearby and often in direct competition, was a DJ equipment stand that had live mixing - something the headphone club experience stand also had - and of course, there was the barrage of rapper/artist sponsored headphones and headsets. The big names came from 50 Cent and Ludacris.

They weren't the only ones though, Sony had an excellent range of headsets, in ear and over ear. Then there was Sennheiser with its usual display. Turtle Beach, Plantronics, several small name speaker manufacturers, the list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, this boiled down to a show that was dominated by listening to music, whether through speakers or headphones. This is fine, but how excited can you be putting on the 10th pair of earphones? There was of course a mix of other things in between (did we mention the arcade machines?), but it left us feeling a little bored by early afternoon.

When combined with overplayed demo machines, such as the formula one racing experience - of which there were at least 10 to 15 different stands using them to draw in very mediocre crowds - the show just felt quite bland and like it had all been done before.

Ultimately, the highlight of the day came from listening to the spiel at the Mojo wrist band stand, playing some old games and checking out some of the custom modded PCs that were standing proud in a few select retailers' stands.

We will be going again next year, we're sure of that. just hopes there will be a little more on show.

Dipping his toes into almost everything that could be labeled 'nerdy' in his free time, Jon has been writing about technology for over half a decade. While mainly focusing on PC hardware thoughout this time, today he's more varied, covering everything from gaming to general electronics, industry perspectives and consoles. As well as writing for different sites, Jon enjoys wargaming, reading and PC gaming, hoping to balance out these geeky pastimes with fire spinning and MMA.