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Kinect NUI Coming to Windows Phone 8?

Call it fake or not, VR-Zone claims it had an interesting conversation with some Microsoft employees who spoke of a new step for Kinect technology. Apparently, developers want to port the same Natural User Interface found in Xbox consoles to Windows Phone 8.

Speculation continued with Microsoft apparently already developing some parts of this technology, and Kinect's NUI will be available for the upcoming update of Microsoft's mobile OS, possibly even from launch.

Currently tagged as just a future development project, Microsoft has dedicated more and more resources on building this feature and they could be pushing to launch the technology when Windows Phone "Apollo" releases, or during its first few updates.

It seems the company has been encouraged by Apple's latest marvel, Siri, which was first introduced in the iPhone 4S. Microsoft wanted something similar for its platform and rumours have it that Kinect technology can capture even more voice patterns than Siri.

The most significant challenge for Microsoft would be to squeeze Kinect cameras inside phones, the Xbox sensor currently using three of them. One of these cameras is using infra-red sensors for night vision and occupies the most space, so Microsoft may need to drop that one.

If Microsoft did launch Kinect NUI with WP8 Apollo or with other, more mature versions, Sony Mobile would be the only viable competitor on the market.

Source: VR-Zone (opens in new tab)