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Late News: Tool to Detect Flashback Trojan on Mac, Yahoo! Reorganisation Plan, Skype has 40 Million Concurrent Users

The number of Macs plagued all over the world by the Flashback malware (opens in new tab) is more than a half million and continues to grow. As Flashback is a silent assassin that has no symptoms and does not need user's interaction, the number of concerned Mac owners is skyrocketing. Luckily Juan Leon, a Mac developer, managed to develop a tool to help detect the Flashback infection.

Yahoo has unveiled a plan to reorganise the company, (opens in new tab) as was widely expected. It's certainly a time of change at the firm, and the move follows the announcement last week that 2,000 jobs were to be lost, and a restructuring plan implemented. The details of the restructuring have just been spilled via a memo from CEO Scott Thompson, with the main thrust of the change being that Yahoo is to be reorganised into three core groups. Those three divisions will be Consumer, Regions and Technology.

Yesterday, we ran a story on Iran's latest alleged scheme (opens in new tab) to censor the web, which is a far reaching concept for even a draconian regime. The purported plan is to essentially turn off the internet, and replace it with a "clean" intranet system, much as a corporation might do, allowing only access to approved content which it deems suitable.

Call it fake or not, VR-Zone claims it had an interesting conversation (opens in new tab) with some Microsoft employees who spoke of a new step for Kinect technology. Apparently, developers want to port the same Natural User Interface found in Xbox consoles to Windows Phone 8. Speculation continued with Microsoft apparently already developing some parts of this technology, and Kinect's NUI will be available for the upcoming update of Microsoft's mobile OS, possibly even from launch.

Skype is celebrating another milestone, this time 40 million concurrent users (opens in new tab). Near the end of February, the record was at 32 million concurrent users. The company celebrated in a blog post saying: "Today, we have seven billion people on Earth, and there are centres of commerce almost everywhere. With changes in technology and mechanised forms of transportation, letters (surprisingly) still takes days to get from person, whilst email takes just seconds."

Ravi Mandalia

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