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Mac Users Get Free Tool To Detect The Flashback Trojan

The number of Macs plagued all over the world by the Flashback malware is more than a half million and continues to grow. As Flashback is a silent assassin that has no symptoms and does not need user's interaction, the number of concerned Mac owners is skyrocketing.

Luckily Juan Leon, a Mac developer, managed to develop a tool to help detect the Flashback infection.

Juan Leon made the announcement (opens in new tab) on his Twitter account and also posted links for download. The Flashback checker is only 38KB and runs on Mac OS X10.5 and above. He also posted the source code on GitHub (opens in new tab), for anyone interested.

Mac owners who are alerted about Flashback malware on their machines have to resort to professional security software to remove it. Intego (opens in new tab), or F-Secure (opens in new tab) offer free trial Mac antivirus apps that can help in this situation.

Dr. Web, the Russian security firm that discovered the Flashback infections, pointed out that nearly 2% of Macs around the world have been infected. Most of the infected machines are in the US, UK and Canada.

Source: ArsTechnica (opens in new tab)

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