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Microsoft Announces New Data Centres For Windows Azure

Microsoft has announced that it has created two new US-based data centre options for Windows Azure, which will be operational immediately.

The firm doesn't specify the exact locations of the new facilities, but they're on either side of the country, one being dubbed "West US" and one "East US". Microsoft noted that the two centres boast compute and storage services, and will have SQL Azure coming online in the "coming months".

This increase in the footprint of the Azure cloud is apparently a measure to keep pace with growing demand, and the new facilities represent what Microsoft is calling a significant expansion.

In a blog post, Microsoft commented: "As some eager customers have already discovered (and deployed!), these new datacenters are now visible in the Windows Azure Management Portal."

"Pricing for Windows Azure Compute and Storage remains consistent across all datacenters worldwide. As always, the best way to get started with Windows Azure is with a 90 day free trial."

In other Azure cloud news this morning, Microsoft has signed a deal with Accenture, with the latter to become the first service provider to offer an end-to-end public cloud solution on Windows Azure. Both Accenture, and subsidiary Avanade, will be selling, hosting and delivering Azure services to clients.

Source: Windows Azure Blog