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Noon News: Fans Put Together DIY Project Glass, iPhone 5 May Sport 4-inch Screen, New Google Tablet Coming This Summer?

Some keen fans of Google Project Glass have taken to attempting to put together their own AR goggles, with one DIY effort from developer Will Powell perhaps showing that there is hope we might see Google's specs in the next year or so. Powell used a pair of Vuzix glasses, Dragon Naturally Speaking for voice recognition, and a custom interface knocked up using Adobe AIR (and based on what Google showed off in its initial Project Glass teaser video). The DIY specs also use a mic headset and HD webcams.

Accenture has announced an agreement with Microsoft, whereby the company will become the first service provider to offer an end-to-end public cloud solution on the Windows Azure platform. The deal also includes Avanade, a subsidiary of Accenture which provides tech solutions and managed services.

The Samsung Galaxy S3, the follow-up to the Samsung Galaxy S2, may have a physical home button rather than touch sensitive ones on the front facia which would be a significant difference compared to other Android handsets. The other very popular handset that does have a single physical home button is Apple's iPhone and it would be ludicrous to believe that Samsung wants to emulate what Apple did.

Brian J. White, analyst for Topeka Capital Markets, made another intriguing Apple prediction. Several days ago he made some waves as the first analyst to suggest that Apple's stocks will reach $1001. Now, his predictions are focused on Apple's upcoming iPhone. The sixth generation handset will have significant design changes in addition to better connectivity, says the pundit.

Google are set to deliver a new tablet PC in late July or August. The new device will be co-branded with Asustek Computer of Taiwan (Asus). Last December, Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, mentioned to an Italian newspaper that the internet supergiant would have a tablet "in six months". It would have arrived earlier, but the manufacturers wanted tweak one final thing, the price.