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Samsung Galaxy S3 To Have Physical Home Button?

The Samsung Galaxy S3, the follow-up to the Samsung Galaxy S2, may have a physical home button rather than touch sensitive ones on the front facia which would be a significant difference compared to other Android handsets.

The other very popular handset that does have a single physical home button is Apple's iPhone and it would be ludicrous to believe that Samsung wants to emulate what Apple did.

According to Korean newspaper Digital Daily, the Galaxy S3 will adopt the home button from Galaxy Note and could use a five column column rather than the four column layer because of a bigger screen and a much higher screen resolution.

The amount of buzz and rumours surrounding the Galaxy S3 rivals that of the iPhone 5. We heard that it would be made of aluminium, that it would be launched in the UK, that it will come with a 720p Super AMOLED plus display, that more than 10 million of them have already been preordered and that it could come with wireless charging.

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Source : Digital Daily