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Skype Celebrates 40 Million Concurrent Users

Skype is celebrating another milestone, this time 40 million concurrent users. Near the end of February, the record was at 32 million concurrent users.

The company celebrated in a blog post (opens in new tab) saying: "Today, we have seven billion people on Earth, and there are centres of commerce almost everywhere. With changes in technology and mechanised forms of transportation, letters (surprisingly) still takes days to get from person, whilst email takes just seconds."

"But one of the biggest changes is one we reached today - when 40 million concurrent users were signed into Skype all at once. This is a massive new milestone for a simple piece of software that helps make meaningful connections a cool part of people's lives every single day."

Microsoft acquired the company last year for £5.2 million ($8.5 million). The President of the Skype Division at Microsoft, Tony Bates, tweeted "proud to announce that @Skype has reached a new milestone: 40MM concurrent users".

Recently, Microsoft launched a new advertising campaign, "It's time for Skype", which advocated face-to-face communication, over text based. The campaign particularly attacks Facebook, "Upgrade from a wall post to a first class conversation", and Twitter, "140 characters doesn't equal staying touch". Perhaps these new adverts had an effect on the jump from 32 million to 40 million concurrent users in just two months.

Source: WebProNews (opens in new tab)