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TigerBot Malware Records Android Calls

There is a new security alert in the Android community. TigerBot, identified by NQ Mobile Security Research Center, is a malware controlled by SMS.

This is a new danger for users, as most of the Android malware that has been found so far is controlled by the web. TigerBot was found in alternative and unauthorized Android markets.

The malware manages to conceal itself under the appearance of a legitimate application, coming from well reputed vendors like Google or Adobe.

TigerBot does not install any icon on the home screen, but it appears in the installed app lists. According to NQ analysts, "this malware has the built-in payload to execute a variety of commands ranging from uploading current location, sending SMS messages, to even recording phone calls."

It is also thought capable of changing the network settings, rebooting the phone or killing all running processes.

In order to keep their Android phones safe, users are advised to rely only on official sources for application download and to monitor the permissions requested by the apps.

source: NQ Mobile (opens in new tab)

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