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Toshiba NPEngine Can Stream Videos Without Relying on the Host CPU

Toshiba reports it has developed a video streaming technology, known as NPEngine, built as a server card, which can render content without relying on the host processor and with more juice than two dedicated servers linked back-to-back.

The dedicated hardware can directly stream videos from SSD hard drives to IP networks, without using any CPU or Memory resources from the server. This unit is able to deliver up to 64,000 x 40Gbit/sec video streams, more than triple the medium value of an average server.

Once connected, the Toshiba NPEngine can replace dedicated servers used for streaming, while liberating the host server for other tasks. Also, power consumption may be lowered by 77 per cent while space requirements are cut with 70 per cent.

The company illustrates the equipment as being placed right after memory stacks and can operate using IPTV streaming, progressive download and HTTP adaptive streaming for up to 64,000 sessions, its main targets being broadcasting services such as YouTube, Netflix and cloud hosting companies.

Toshiba describes NPEngine as being compatible with HTTP's adaptive bit rate streaming and once installed inside a system, no changes are needed for applications.

The hardware will be demoed at the NAB event in Las Vegas, which will take place between 16th and 19th of April. It is likely to be released later this year, but the price has yet to be announced.

Source: TheRegister.Co.UK (opens in new tab)