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Twitter Outrage To Facebook Acquisition Of Instagram

Since Facebook bought Instagram, there has been a lot of outrage on another social networking site -Twitter. Users have been tweeting their frustration at the social networking giant getting involved with Facebook, and the concern over data privacy.

Instagram is a photo app available on Apple's iOS and Google's Android. It allows the user to edit the photo, by choosing a filter and then post to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

The tweeters are concerned that once a big player like Facebook controls Instagram, nothing will be left as it is. Both Facebook and Instagram have assured users that there are no plans to shut down the service, or to change service itself. There are also concerns that with the mass influx of Facebook users, the Instagram community will no longer be the same.

There have also been worries, on how Facebook might handle privacy and security issues. As Facebook has had numerous privacy troubles in the past, Instagram users are voicing their concern as to how their data may be handled - with many users claiming to delete their accounts, in protest.

As Instagram makes its API available to developers, a number of third party services are dealing with particularly high heavy user activity. Sites such as Followgram, InstaGrid, Ink361, Instagrille, Carousel and InstaDesk are affected by the number of users searching for an option beyond Instagram.

Source: GMA Network (opens in new tab)