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US Government Keeps Buying BlackBerry Phones

RIM announced that sales to the US authorities are rising and the White House is one of its strategic clients.

The Canadian company sees its main market seriously threaten as it loses the enterprise sector to Apple's iPhone and to other high end Android smartphones.

Scott Totzke, senior vice president of BlackBerry security, revealed in a recent interview that RIM is really successful in doing business with the US government.

"Compared to the enterprise over the last year and a half or so, the federal business on whole is up," explained Totzke.

"The employee base is shrinking, so if we're looking at a market with fewer employees and our install base is stable to slightly up, that would seem to indicate that we have an increasing market share."

President Obama seems attached to his BlackBerry phone and it's obviously a big publicity help for the Canadians. RIM's executives don't let any occasion pass by without mentioning their high profile loyal client.

RIM's strategy is to make a "significant investment" to raise BlackBerry's reputation in the Washington area.

Source: FiancialPost (opens in new tab)

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