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4 Inch iPhone 5 With Retina Display Is Possible

Will Apple abandon its standard iPhone size for the next model or will it stay conservative on this matter? Rumours say that we might have about six more months to speculate on this subject, until the new iPhone will be released (opens in new tab).

Currently, the trend in the smartphone market is to release high-end models with increasingly large displays - up to 5.3 inch screen with handsets like the Galaxy Note. Samsung advertises the device as a smartphone/tablet hybrid.

One of the reasons could be the manufacturers' need to develop smartphones large enough to accommodate 4G WiMAX and LTE, as well as bigger batteries. Apple is also expected to deliver an LTE enabled iPhone (opens in new tab) this year.

Earlier, we pointed out that the sixth generation iPhone might not feature a larger screen for technical reasons, mainly related to the Retina Display.

Now, a fresh report dismisses this demonstration, just to give the users who want a bigger iPhone a new hope. Apple could keep the Retina resolution even on a 4 inch display, by changing the aspect ratio of the screen to 9:5 instead of the current 3:2.

This would mean a screen size of 3.49 inch by 1.94 inch with an 1152 x 640 resolution.

Source: TheVerge (opens in new tab)

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