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After HTC One X, Does HTC One S Also Suffer From Design Flaw?

After the screen flex issue affecting the HTC One X and reported by one tech website, another newly released HTC phone, the One S, seems to suffer from design issues.

According to three separate websites - XDA-developers, MoDaCo and Eurodroid - the smartphone's ceramic enclosure chips and cracks in normal usage.

The chassis is created using a process called microarc oxidation or MAO and produces a surface that HTC claims is four times harder than anodized aluminium, something the company says, makes a case redundant.

Ceramic is hard but also suffers from the fact that it is brittle and some have claimed that the chipping might be due to the flexible aluminium underneath, which also expands when heated (for example by the heat generated by the baseband chipset or the processor).

In addition, Eurodroid pointed out that the phone's chassis is discoloured easily with the review sample sent to the website turning from black to light grey.

Source : MoDaCo, EuroDroid, XDA-Developers