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AM News: Next Kindle to Have Glowing Display?, Twitter Outrage as Facebook Acquires Instagram, Malware Recording Android Calls

Amazon is reportedly developing the next generation of e-readers (opens in new tab) to allow users to read in the dark. TechCrunch's Devin Coldewey, who works just down the street from Amazon's mysterious Lab 126, managed to take a sneak peek at a next generation Kindle prototype. He found out that the new Kindle models will have front lit displays. Moreover, the project is in its final stages and we should prepare for a release soon.

Since Facebook bought Instagram, there has been a lot of outrage (opens in new tab) on another social networking site -Twitter. Users have been tweeting their frustration at the social networking giant getting involved with Facebook, and the concern over data privacy. Instagram is a photo app available on Apple's iOS and Google's Android. It allows the user to edit the photo, by choosing a filter and then post to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

There is a new security alert in the Android community (opens in new tab). TigerBot, identified by NQ Mobile Security Research Center, is a malware controlled by SMS. This is a new danger for users, as most of the Android malware that has been found so far is controlled by the web. TigerBot was found in alternative and unauthorized Android markets.

Sellers report that Apple is cutting down production (opens in new tab) for the existing models of 15-inch MacBook Pros and some stockpiles are already exhausted. The company seems to be preparing for the release of a redesigned line-up of MacBook Pro notebooks. Rumours say that the new models will have an ultra-light and slim body, similar to the MacBook Air family.

In 2010, the iPad maker paid only £10.3 million (opens in new tab) in corporation tax which raised questions among the UK authorities. Amazon is also facing enquiries on this matter. Both companies have massive sales in the United Kingdom and the taxes paid do not reflect the revenue earned from British customers.

Ravi Mandalia

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